About Us



In 2010 I was tired of getting eaten alive in my yard.  After looking into my options I decided to spray my own yard and the common areas that I share with my immediate neighbors.  After living six years basically mosquito free and having everyone who came over comment on the lack of mosquitoes, I decided to start Mosquito Blues in 2016 so others could enjoy their yard the way I do my own.  I have grown my business slowly and mostly through referrals from existing customers.  It works!  I am licensed by the State of Georgia and fully insured. 

Why Mosquito Barrier Treatments


Mosquito barrier treatments are a great way to almost completely reduce  annoying mosquitoes, especially the females.  Only females bite.  They do this when they are looking for their next blood meal to give them the energy to lay their eggs.  The spray will flush them out of their resting spots on the underside of leaves and attack their central nervous system.  It will also leave behind a coating on the treated foliage that will prevent future mosquitoes.  The treatments will last roughly twenty one days.  It is safe for adults, children and pets to be in the yard thirty minutes after the application.  As an added bonus, you should see a reduction in ticks, fleas, and many other pests.